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Our Lady of Pellevoisin

Visionary Estelle Faguette

The years after the French revolution were to be decisive and also tumultuous ones for France, as the need for a Monarchy was replaced with the more acceptable Republic. These were difficult years for the people of France as it recovered from the Prussian invasion as different reigns disappeared overnight to be replaced with a Republic and new forms of government. And with these decisions France was to see different leaders came and go, which left the people with feelings of instability, at a time when many people were struggling with poverty and disease.

But it was during the year 1876 that once again France was given a great favour from Heaven, with a visit from our Lady to the visionary Estelle Faguette. This was at a time when many thought Estelle was going to die including herself, as she was suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis an incurable disease, and was suffering much pain.

It was during the night of 10th February that Estelle came perilously close to death as the doctor affirmed. But Estelle survived that night and it was on the night of 14th-15th of February that Estelle first saw a vision of our Lady and upon her appearance a demon that was trying to torment poor Estelle vanished!

Our Lady was to appear several times to this visionary and also our Lady promised Estelle that she would be cured within the week and it was on 19th of February 1876 upon receiving the Eucharist, that Estelle proclaimed herself cured!

Her doctors were astounded as none had any hope at all for Estelle and were simply waiting for this dreaded disease to ravage her body. This not only astounded the doctors but also all those who heard Estelle say that through our Lady she would be cured and she was!

Estelle came from a poor family where her Mother was deeply devout whilst her Father, remained indifferent towards religion as he concentrated on providing for his family, as in all families times were difficult. It was through her Mother that Estelle developed a deep love and reverence for our Holy Mother and prayed to her often.

Our Lady was to repay Estelle's love for her in a miraculous way in that Estelle was to be totally healed of tuberculosis, but though our Lady relieved Estelle of this disease she also confided to her beloved child that her sufferings would now be spiritual. She also warned Estelle that many would think her mad and that some of her friends would abandon her. But Our Lady offered this consolation in her words, "pay no attention to all that. I will help you."

On 16 of February Estelle was tormented again by Satan, but once again his demonic appearance ended once Our Lady came to Estelle’s aid. Her words of loving comfort were, "I am merciful and Mistress of My Son. The few good works and the intense prayers, which you offered me, have touched My Motherly heart...". Our lady was to reiterate this later when she said. "I am merciful and hold sway with my Son"...Have courage, patience and resignation; you will suffer and will not be free of troubles; try to be faithful and make known my glory".

Our Lady emphasised love and devotion to her Son and most especially in receiving the Eucharist in a worthy manner, she also emphasised the importance of prayer and exhorted Estelle and others to pray much for the forgiveness of sins, and to offer sacrifices for the repentance of others.

Estelle was also told of the tribulations that France would have to endure but she then added, "One can be saved in every state. Where you are, you can do a great deal of good, and you can publish my glory."

During these appearances our Lady also requested that a Scapular be made and with these words said to Estelle, "You will yourself go to the Prelate and you will show him the pattern you have made. Ask him to help you as much as is in his power, and tell him nothing would please me more than to see this worn by every one of my children, and for them all to endeavour to atone for the outrages my Son receives in the sacrament of His love. See the graces I shower upon those who will wear it with confidence and will help you to propagate it."

The Scapular has a picture of The Sacred Heart of Jesus and on the other side it has an image of Our Lady showering all those who wear it with Graces from Heaven. This Scapular gained the approval of the Catholic Church on April 4th, 1900.

Estelle Faguette died in 1929.

I would encourage all to learn more about Our Lady of Pellevoisin.

Peace of Christ to you ALL.

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