Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Our Lady of Knock

Ireland, Knock
Thursday 21 August 1879 at 8pm

On August 21 1879 Margaret Beirne was locking up the church when she saw a strange brightness but left. At the same time Mary Beirne and the housekeeper who she has been visiting both saw "Statues". The housekeeper said that it were no statues but it was the
Blessed Virgin. After that 13 more people saw the beautiful women,who was all dressed
in white and wearing a brilliantcrown. On the right of the Blessed Virgin was St. Joseph
and on the left St. John the Evangelist dressed like a bishop. On the left of St. John was an
altar with a lamb and a cross surrounded by angels. This vision lasted for 2 hours.
Miraculous healings have been reported soon after the area. And still today it is a place
where many pilgrims visit.Our late beloved Pope John Paul II visited Knock in 1979
and Mother Teresa of Calcutta visited the shrine in 1993.


  1. Emmy:)
    well written! This is such an intriguing visit by Our Lady in that NO words were spoken. But the Symbolism speaks volumes!

    Loved this thankyou Emmy!

    Peace of Christ to you ALL

  2. Thanks Marie I learn so much studying on these apparitions....

    God bless


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